Please note that booking the Rabbit Hole means booking the ENTIRE Rabbit Hole, not just one or two booths within it.

Descending the steps to our Rabbit Hole, one can’t help but be infused with a sense of excitement, as if they’re being given access to an exclusive club. The space itself is quite large; big enough to accommodate 250 people comfortably. Still, there is an unmistakable sense of intimacy. At the Rabbit Hole, we can throw a huge party, yet it always feels like the space and lighting is set up to make the space feel personable as well. This coalescing of a large, candle-lit boutique, alive with the chatter and music, creates a vibe that is not easily replicated anywhere else. It is in part that energy that continues to make the Rabbit Hole one of the hippest places to spend an evening in Salt Lake City.

Enjoy Our Locally Famous Food and Drinks

As with all our spaces at Lake Effect, the Rabbit Hole is a wonderful place to gather with friends and intimate relations to enjoy one of our famous drinks over a beautiful meal. With ample seating in our luscious leather armchairs, you’ll find yourself redefining what a restaurant can be. Lake Effect is dedicated to the idea that the bars and salons of yesteryear have an inherent class that can infuse any gathering with unforgettable charm. Walking into the Rabbit Hole, one can feel that atmosphere.

Reserve for Your Event Today!

The Rabbit Hole is available for reservation and makes for a great space to hold any reception-style event. Simply fill out our private events form to request a specific space and outline any amenities that we can provide you. We are pleased to offer a full bar service and food service ranging from Hors d’Oeuvres and plated appetizers to a full buffet or formal dinner. At Lake Effect, we aren’t simply interested in making our restaurant a work of art, we will approach the planning and execution of your event with the same unwavering commitment.