Sample. Savor. Discover.

Open up a world of flavor at Lake Effect— Host a private event for your party to explore the subtle notes and aromas of some of the finest wines or whiskeys the world has to offer.

Our instructors are highly experienced and passionate about what they do. Let them get you enthused as you dive into the beverage you choose. Book a private tasting with us, and you will leave with a broader palate, a deeper appreciation for the process, and a desire to share the love.

Wade in the World of Whiskey

Whether you are a connoisseur or often order shots from the well, there is always more to appreciate about whiskey academically and experimentally. Let us enlighten you on what makes a fine whiskey and the defining characteristics of each region and style.

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Refine Your Appreciation of Wine

Hold a tasting with us to transport your taste buds to vineyards from around the globe—from rich reds and premiere pinks, to exotic bubbles and everything in between. Set up a private event today to explore our selection and pin down your palate.

Set a Date to Sample Our Decadent Selections

We offer tantalizing tastings on a pay-per-head basis, along with the price of your instructor’s precious time and expertise. Call us today to ask about our availability and reserve a spot to excite your senses with exquisite wines or whiskeys.

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