The Finest

When we opened our doors in 2017 and began operating a restaurant out of a century-old building, we knew that Lake Effect was going to be a reflection of elegance and history, infusing the finest modern cuisine with an unapologetic nostalgia for the bygone look and feel of historic Salt Lake City.

To that end, our menu is as handcrafted as our spirits. Here you will find fresh takes on old standards and bold ventures to new Latin-inspired taste sensations. As one of the premier bars in Salt Lake City, we not only strive to make each meal something special on its own but have cultivated one of the most diverse drinking menus in the West, with a beer, wine, or cocktail that can perfectly pair with anything out of the kitchen.

A Meal for Every Mood

No matter what brings you to Lake Effect, whether it be a celebration, a business meeting, or a thirst for something unique, our chefs have created a meal to fit any mood. As such, we have honed our palette to take inspiration from many different types of cuisine, be it Mexican, Japanese, Greek, Italian, or the ever-reliable American, all with a Latin twist, creating a level of quality that is definitively Salt Lake City.

In addition to creating a great selection of food and drinks, we have tried to make food that is delicious at any hour of the day. By staying open into the early morning (and even opening for brunch hours on the weekend), we are the go-to place to spice up Utah’s morning, noon, and nightlife, reestablishing the delicious possibilities of ethnic classics like tacos, tapas, and rigatoni.

Chef Pae Randall

Chef Pae Randall

Pae Randall started her culinary career as a sushi apprentice at Ichiban Sushi in downtown Salt Lake City under Chef Kevin Yanaga. There she learned the fundamentals of the art of cooking. Pae briefly studied French Culinary at the Art Institute, leaving to focus on her catering business, VIP sushi. In tireless pursuit of mastering her craft, she has worked in kitchens across the Salt Lake Valley to the shores San Diego. Pae became the first and only female sushi chef during her tenure at the Hyatt Regency in La Jolla at the iconic Café Japengo. Taking every opportunity to advance her career, she worked pastries, banquets, and becoming a personal chef to some of San Diego’s elite. Pae returned to Salt Lake City, bringing an even deeper love and appreciation for the culinary arts from humble beginnings; Chef Pae is now the Executive Chef of Lake Effect.

More Than Just a Salt Lake City Bar

Ultimately, the most memorable spots are places where you come as you are and become something more. That spirit of innovation and attention to detail is what defines the culinary taste of a city, and Lake Effect is proud to pave the way for Salt Lake. Take a look at our menu and drop on in for a drink and a meal like you won’t find anywhere else.