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Who Says Utah Doesn’t
Have a Nightlife?

A perfect nightlife atmosphere doesn’t take a break simply because the weekend comes to an end. In fact, as Salt Lake’s “Big City” Bar, we make it our mission to provide you with the endless entertainment you and your friends so rightfully deserve. With exciting concerts and live music happening all year-round, the fun-loving folks at Lake Effect are all about giving you any and every excuse to get out and enjoy some crazy talent, 24/7—and we take that “seven” seriously. We don’t like to discriminate against any single day of the week, and that’s precisely why we’ve decided to bring you the magic of music every day of the week. You read that right: every day. Whether you’re spending a Monday night forgetting your workweek blues, or you’re a weekend warrior ready to take on any comers on a salacious Saturday, we’ve got your nightlife needs covered.

In addition to the perfect nightlife atmosphere, you can book Lake Effect for your private event. Contact us for more info on private bookings.

Go ahead and click through our menu below, and we’ll see you soon!

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signature drink being served at Lake Effect
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A Room for Every Occasion

Here at Lake Effect, we almost always have more than one live musical act or DJ set happening at once, and we know you like it like that. After all: we’ve evolved from just listening to one musical act at a time on any given record to the infinite possibilities of combinations afforded by digital platforms for a reason, and it’s because the human ear loves variety, ingenuity, and options. Half of the fun of a well-planned night out is the inevitability of throwing the plans right out in favor of some spontaneity, and thankfully, the varied spaces at the one and only Lake Effect will have you chucking your rigidity out the door. Do you and yours feel like jamming out to some nostalgically familiar tunes? Then check out a DJ set, since there’s no time like the present to rock out to your past. Or, maybe you’re looking for the new, the unique, the hip, or the local? Well then, we’ve got you covered there, too! At Lake Effect, we offer some of the finest, most talented live musical acts in Utah, and we’ve got you covered in either one of our event spaces. No matter what the night is inspiring you to feel, there’s a great set out there to amplify it. 

Addition by Addition

You know what they say about “doubling your pleasure,” and we at Lake Effect are about to take that to heart. That’s right, we’re going to be doubling your fun: with two full floors of space—and another two coming in 2020—there’ll be room enough for almost 1000 guests on any given night. Our upcoming additions will also make us the only bar capable of housing four—that’s right, four—entirely different musical acts at the same time. Stick with us, and soon enough, the nights of having to bounce from place to place for a different musical vibe will be gone: instead, at Lake Effect, the only bouncing you’ll need to do is on our dance floors.  

Music and Mood, Cocktails and Food

Want to break out all the stops, and make us a one-stop-shop for more than one of your “once-in-a-lifetime” kind of nights? Then Lake Effect is the hotspot for your entire evening, from dusk to dawn. Whether it’s a romantic and tender occasion cultivated in our intimate spaces and performances,  or the tear-out-your-hair, full-throttle excitement of a rocking party held in a full-sized venue with room enough for all, we’re here to conjure an experience borne from the vibes that speak to you. It’s Music and the Food of Love; Play On! Nothing solidifies the splendor of a night most memorable quite like the combination of a sublime dinner, handcrafted cocktails, accentuated by world-class musical entertainment. Our menu is full of the most tantalizing options our chefs can possibly concoct for our fusion-inspired kitchen, and we are constantly expanding it to keep your appetite for adventure satisfied should you choose to make a second trip, with an order of “seconds” on your mind. And speaking of seconds: our handcrafted cocktails are second to none. Each of them are blended to perfection by our master mixologists with only the finest of ingredients—most of which are made in-house—which ensures that even our drink recipes are par excellence with everything else that’s offered at Lake Effect. 

Here are just a handful of our famous cocktails:

  • Snowdrift Sangria – Flavored with Pear Nectar, this drink is designed to make you slide off of the “bunny hill” and right onto a “Black Diamond.” We throw in some brandy and calvados (apple spirit) to give you a better than average kick in the snow-pants.
  • Irish Old Fashioned – We know that many of you with close ties to the Emerald Isle didn’t get your pot of gold during St. Patrick’s Day this year, but this drink might as well have been what was waiting for you at the end of the rainbow.
  • The Holy Mole – It’s not sacrilegious to hail this mezcal-based cocktail as holy—even in this town—when the drink is that divine. Blended with real mole poblano, this cocktail is so authentic you just might order another in Spanish.

For further reading on our exquisite offerings, look no… well, further:

Who knew that Salt Lake City offered so many options within its dynamic nightlife and killer music scene? Well, to be frank, we did! If you feel like you’ve been stuck in a rut foisted by “Small Lake City,” then rediscover those big city “feels” with your favorite friends at Lake Effect; with incomparable concerts and live music, coupled with delectable dining and delightful drinks, we’re sure to make every night you spend with us one you’ll never forget.