Looking for a space in Salt Lake City that feels both sophisticated and historic, atmospheric and inviting? For years, we’ve seen The Main Floor reception area of our bar and restaurant steadily become the premier meeting place for parties and gatherings. Inside, patrons will find a place that inhabits all of the qualities that make Salt Lake City one of the trendiest towns on this side of the Rocky Mountains. The 111-year-old space mixes the timelessness of art nouveau chic with exquisite recreations of industrial, turn-of-the-century aesthetics, providing visitors not only with a comfortable place to get a drink but is sure to be one of the most memorable places to socialize in Utah.

With a capacity of 250, The Main Floor is the perfect venue for intimate gatherings, albeit with a larger headcount; gatherings like office parties, wedding dinners, birthday bashes, and retirement celebrations. Our diverse drinking menu of cocktails, spirits, and wine provides the right accompaniment to the electricity of movement and conversation in the room, while overhead the proceedings are garnished with live music from some of the finest acts in the country.

Availability differs for The Main Floor, due to the fact that it is a working restaurant. Reservations are unavailable Thursday-Saturday unless you are interested in renting the entire building. Otherwise, you can request a reservation by filling out our private events form here.

We are excited to see you at Lake Effect for your next large gathering. For a better view of our venue, inspire yourself by visiting the gallery and imagine how your next get-together will go off at our stunningly preserved and refurbished Main Floor restaurant and bar.