frose drink in glass

Yes Way, Frose!

After a spring season that seems to have been borne from deep within the fiery, flaming recesses of a socially distanced hell, we at Lake Effect know how much you’d love to crack open a “cold one” with the gang—even if that cold one you’re cracking stems from the fruit of the vine rather than the hops of the field. The second you all can gather under our roof, make sure that you take our Frozen Rose derived “Frose” to the task.

Even if you and your recently reunited friends all smart enough to remain far enough apart to make it impossible to clink your glasses, the chilly thrill of your rose-tinted specialty drink will surely make up for the lack of immediate proximity. This slushy delight isn’t just a burst of summer-sunset color in a glass—it’s a burst of aromatic and complex texture that’s also infused with all the fun and flavor of your favorite slushie. It’s a combination of the cellar’s finest vintages and the beachfront bar’s best. Here are the ingredients that are delivering all the highlights of fresh summer fun:

  • Beehive Jackrabbit Gin: Utah’s own Beehive Distilling makes gin—and only gin—and they’ve got it down to a delicious science. Their “Jackrabbit Gin” starts with a grain-neutral spirit, with added notes of fresh Albanian juniper. Then there’s the orris root and coriander, which have all been cold-steeped for hours before the spirit is re-distilled. After that, it’s time to add the fresh sage, rose petals, and some zesty lemon.


  • Frozen Rose: in its frozen state, the rose is a balance of lemony tart and fruitfully sweet—just waiting to be finished off by fresh fruits and a dash of sugar.


  • Strawberries: what can we say about every summer lover’s favorite, luscious fruit? This red ruby is a natural classic, and perfect;y complements the tart lemon notes.


  • Demerara:  a simple syrup derived from demerara sugar contributes a layer of toasted sugar flavor to your drinks; instead of only adding sweetness, the syrup gives your frozen wine a classic caramel richness. 

Sip Sip Hooray

This summer, give the frozen cocktails a break and break into a classic vintage with a cold-tastic twist. Enjoy a blend of frostiness, fruitiness, and flavorful fun, with the friends that you’ve been forced to stay away from for far too long. Instead of sipping your wine and its regularly accepted temperatures, why not make it a night to remember with an order of nostalgic “brain freeze” on the side?