Oh, the glories of game days with the Utah Jazz. Whether you’ve been a Jazz fan for life or have only recently taken note of Utah’s glorious NBA team, one thing is certain: game night is quite the deal in this state. Of course, everyone has their favorite bar, pub, or grill to experience the game with other fans and friends, but Lake Effect is ready to be your new favorite. We know what you want out of a game night and we’re ready to offer it all. Right at 7:00 pm, stroll on in, find a relaxing spot, kick back, and watch your favorite players do what they do best. We may not be your idea of the average sports bar, but we’re something else altogether. 

Enjoy the Game in Style

At Lake Effect, you get the whole shebang. A killer atmosphere, classic aesthetic, and drinks that blow the average classic out of the water. Join us and other Jazz enthusiasts for Jazz Game Nights all season long and get and see what we’re about. Need mouthwatering food and drinks? Well, we’ve obviously got you covered. With thoughtfully prepared dishes, handcrafted cocktails, and an extensive beer and wine collection, there’s no better place to be on a Wednesday night. Want some game day beverage variety? No worries. With a rotating seasonal cocktail list and countless options of craft beer on tap, we’re a good place to be if you want to make the most out of a weeknight out on the town. 

Food and Drink Specials

Watching the game from our giant projection screen is almost as good as having a ticket to the game itself. Order your favorite appetizers, Jazz-themed cocktails, and $4 pints almost every Wednesday and several Mondays over the season. Whether you’re swinging by for the whole game or just a quarter, check out our events calendar to plan for you’re next Jazz Game Night. Bring yourself, bring a friend, bring a foam finger.