Lake Effect Cocktails

There are few social mainstays as timeless as gathering with friends and family for a drink. Since the beginning of recorded history, people from all classes and backgrounds — from kings and emperors to migrant workers and indentured servants — have enjoyed some form of beer, wine, or spirits during a feast or after a long day of work; some even received it as payment for their labor.

Today, as in times past, we grab our favorite drinks to accompany good news or bad, improve an awkward situation, or make an awesome evening (like attending one of the famous Utah concerts) even better. At Lake Effect, drinks are not only our specialty, they’re our passion. Our mixologists have created one of the most eclectic menus in the state, which you can find in our Salt Lake City restaurant.

From Classic to Entirely Unique

What makes a Utah restaurant and bar of recommendation? As those with a refined taste for alcohol, or even those who just like a place to have some fun, might agree, it all depends on two things: how things taste and whether the bar can deliver consistent quality. At Lake Effect, we haven’t neglected our duty in either regard.

Not only does our menu of specialty drinks change a few times a year to make room for our best new creations, but we also maintain one of the largest stores of wine and liqueur of any Salt Lake City restaurant, including:

  • Over 150 beers
  • Over 100 wines
  • Regional alcohol from all over the world
  • Vintages that go back decades

A drinking menu this diverse requires the help of an expert to maintain it, which is why we employ some of the finest bartenders and sommeliers in the business. They can ensure you are paired with the perfect beverage to match your meal and your mood.

Feel free to browse our menu for our current list of favorites, where you can also download a full PDF of our selections.