A perfect nightlife atmosphere doesn’t take a break simply because the weekend comes to an end. In fact, as Salt Lake’s “Big City” Bar, we make it a point to bring about the entertainment you so deserve. With some exciting concerts and live music happening year-round, we’re all about giving you an excuse to get out and enjoy some crazy talent. We don’t like to discriminate against any single day of the week, and that’s precisely why we’ve decided to bring you the magic of music every day of the week. You read that right. Every day. Whether you’re spending a Monday night getting over those workweek blues or hitting the nightlife scene hard on a Saturday, we’ve got you covered.

A Room for Every Occasion

It’s rare for us to have only one live musical act or DJ set happening at once. We believe half the fun of a night out is having diverse options. Thankfully, the space at Lake Effect allows for that. Feel like jamming out to familiar tunes? Check out a DJ set! Feel like checking out some excellent live talent? We’ve got you covered in another one of our event spaces. No matter how you’re feeling, there’s a great set out there to amplify it.

Lake Effect sign on exterior of building

Music, Mood, Cocktails, and Food

Want to bring out all the stops? Lake Effect is the hotspot for your entire night. From intimate spaces and performances to those in full-sized venue rooms that feel like a party for all, we’re here to bring forth the vibe you’re into. Nothing makes a night more memorable than sharing in a sublime dinner, handcrafts cocktails, and musical entertainment. 

Who knew Salt Lake City had a nightlife and killer music scene. We did! Get out of “Small Lake City” and into that big city feel with concerts and live music right here with your friends at Lake Effect.